Monolog in the Cell

Artist: Alisa Amor 

Title: Monolog in the Cell

Completed December 2017

Running Time: 5:51

This is a demo of a solo musical number that will be performed by Rosario near the beginning of the first act. Rosario’s spirit is going mad while locked in a cell alone. There will be other dancers in the scene playing parts of her jail cell.

My intention is to show the depth of Rosario’s pain and isolation and how these swiftly transition into madness. This encourages listeners to actively search for ways out of their own isolation.

Monolog in the cell

They forgot about me, they just left me here all by myself.

Now I don’t know who I am,

because nobody here knows my name anymore,

no one’s here to make me real by seeing me.

Deep inside of me

my purpose is rotting.

It’s the only thing i’ve never done

and I can’t do what I should

because I’m not enough.

I need more 

than one pair of hands.

The other is a spacious place

where a seed can be planted.

It’s the air in which it can grow

and it’s the stone 

which must be broken into tiny little pieces.

I’m so lonely, and my body

needs to be born in your embrace.

It needs to fight I gotta know my own strength.

It needs to heal

we could have our very own little death.

But lonely, I am pounding on these walls

I am crashing into a door that just won’t open

I am hiding in the corner

where insanity weaves it’s web.

Who locked me up in here?

Where did everybody go?

Why doesn’t someone come to save me?

It’s cold here, I’m hungry

and I can’t see a damn thing

because it’s so dark

and my eyes are full of tear drops.

Original poem by Rosario Castellanos. Translation and music by Alisa Amor