A Woman of Beauty With No Mercy

Artist: Alisa Amor 

Title: A woman of beauty with no mercy

Completed May 2018

Running Time: 9:34

Demo of the final number of the musical “Rosario.”  This piece will be performed by the entire cast. It is a celebration of the life of Rosario Castellanos and a song about the beauty and worth of woman of every age.

My intention is to create a moment of grace, revealing the authentic soul of Rosario and the strength of every woman.  The song ends with a chorus of “eternity,” closing the circle of “Rosario” with a moment of  freedom.

A Woman of Beauty With No Mercy



She glided past the galleries

I didn’t see her. I was late, just like you,

and all I saw was purple slowness

leaving in the air,


the songs that they were singing

She was not late and she was

more than full of emptiness

She was more than a wedding

and more than a seed that’s growing

In to what is she blooming?

Flower of hope?

Or flower or mourning?

Dream, she’s not there. imagine, she’s not a memory

a substitution, invention, an anticipation

she says goodbye or tomorrow

If she smiles, she smiles from so far away

she must be just a memory, see her waving

she’s with her ancestors, they’re pale from dying.

Because she is not a swan. Because if you point at her,

you are pointing at a shadow.

In the deepest eye of the lake

she is the wake of a little boat that’s leaving.

And high up in the sky

she is the proof of the power of the wind.

I feel you, my beloved, your spirit I am calling.

I feel you, might be here this moment

forming a crystal, manifesting

a heart of fire.

The empty places you are living,we are calling eternity.

Original poem by Rosario Castellanos. Translation and music by Alisa Amor